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Lifer 10: How Do You "Gameday?"

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Welcome back, Baseball Lifers, to the TENTH Edition of Lifer! 

How do you celebrate the new season? Do you load your shopping carts with new baseball themed tees for the ballpark? Do you start researching to find fun theme nights at ballparks you've never visited? This edition has a little bit of everything, including a brand-new segment we're excited to introduce. 

One of my favorite parts about being a baseball girl is the huge selection of creative baseball tees that only the real baseball fans understand. Baseball puns, baseball math, even hip lingo with a baseball spin make for fun additions to your wardrobe.  I’ll show you a few of the tees I’m eyeing this season.

Theme Nights always make for a fun time at the ballpark, and Minor League clubs have some of the best ones. But what happens when a MiLB Team celebrates an iconic film? The Salem Red Sox are having a theme night that's sure to be fetch. 

As mentioned, we've added a new segment to the column. Hit 'Em is dedicated to the intersection of baseball and music, and it will feature a new baseball related song each issue. We'll take a look at some classics and some new favorites that celebrate the game we love! [Editor's Note: The new segment at the end of this edition is a somber tribute, but a celebration of life. In the future, we will feature a variety of content. We started by honoring a lost life, and our hearts go out to those who are mourning.~ Jessica Quiroli]

Enjoy your baseball season, however you do it.

~RoseAnn Sapia




New Baseball Tees, Please

By: RoseAnn Sapia





Whatever your “resting baseball face” is, it’s one of the things that unites us all. There’s something about baseball that makes us tick, and, when things are going all wrong, turns us off, gets us furious. Because it's our passion. That’s why this tee caught my eye. Clever? Extremely. Trendy? For sure. But if this T-shirt doesn’t characterize every Baseball Lifer, I don’t know what will.

The “Resting Baseball Face” T-shirt by The Gameday Chic is available in sizes S-2XL, and can be found to order on their website. Click here for more information.





I know I can’t be the only one this shirt resonates with. Some people can’t function properly without having coffee (“but first, coffee”), and others put their lives on hold for baseball. Hence this “but first, baseball” tee by For The Field Apparel.

Baseball Season doesn’t just mean going to the ballpark to enjoy a game every now and then, it means our whole schedule changes to accommodate the season. Have a family barbeque on Memorial Day? Have to make sure the game is on the radio. A night out with friends? We’re making sure the game’s on the big screen. Heck, sometimes we don’t even feel like going out or change our plans to accommodate the baseball schedule.

This “but first, baseball” T-shirt by For The Field Apparel is available in sizes S-XL, and can be found to order on their website. Click here for more information.  




On Wednesdays We Go To Baseball Games

By: RoseAnn Sapia





That's right! This American Classic is turning 15 this year, and the Salem Red Sox are ready to celebrate. If you're a Mean Girls fan, you might want to make your way to Haley Toyota Field on April 17th to ensure you properly observe. 

However, there are some rules you'll need to abide by to guarantee you'll fit in. April 17th is a Wednesday, and "on Wednesdays we wear pink". It might be a Red Sox game, but you won't want to be caught in anything other than pink for this contest. Since it won't be Friday, you won't necessarily want to dress casual either since "we only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays". Oh yea, if you plan on wearing a ponytail, make sure you don't wear your hair like that the rest of the week. 

Mean Girls Night is the best time for all Mean Girls loving Baseball Lifers to take in a Salem Red Sox game. Never been to a Sox game before? April 17th would be a great time to attend. Salem fans will surely let you sit with them. 


Hit 'Em: A Celebration of Baseball Songs

By RoseAnn Sapia and Jessica Quiroli

Nipsey Hussle's"Bases Loaded"

NipseyPhoto courtesy of BBC


"Bases Loaded" is about survival, and Nipsey Hussle knew about that.

In his 2018 song, from the baseball-tinged titled album "Victory Lap," he is confident, while remaining cautious ("But I gotta make it to first, first"), as he weaves in baseball references, metaphorically examining his rise from intensely difficult times through the prism of baseball. 

Listen to my ambition 'cause I'm on one

Swingin' for the fences for the home run

Even further beyond the universe

But I gotta make it to first, first

It feels like every second is being stolen

I risk it for every ticket, we sold them

You got the ball, Imma take it home

But I'm lyin,' I'm gonna make it home

The sequence is masterful, breathtaking as the momentum builds; He's never relaxing that he has the game won. He's taking "risk(s)" and "swingin' for the fences," determined that he'll "make it home." But there's no guarantee, and he's going anyway. The larger theme of the entire song deals with overcoming racial injustice in schools, in society, the prison system, as well as the pain of trying to survive being born into gang violence, . He wanted better for future generations,and he wanted to be part of the solution, to give hope and a tangible chance to many who are often forgotten or misunderstood. 

'Bases Loaded' is poetry. Life lessons wrapped up in every moment of a hitter's purpose. It's grit and beauty, much like the game we love. Nipsey Hussle was talking about the journey of his life; despite the unbearable tragic ending, when he was murdered on March 31st, he leaves us with a message fueled with hope, he will never be forgotten. He'll be remembered for his musical contributions, as well as his incredible contribution to the world, and to so many who took comfort in his message and outreach.


RoseAnn's Take:


Boy south Slauson Ave know my demonstration

Born and raised y'all affiliated

This is really greatness

Riding around like I really made it

Loaded bases I'm gon' Willy Mason


There's a lot here to make you think about baseball. The imagery is vivid. 

But the word “affiliated” somehow jumps out.

Maybe that particular reference wasn't as Hussle intended, but affiliated...that's MiLB. Where you start, where you grow. The lyric choice paints a picture of a homegrown talent coming up through the system, and finally “made it” to the “greatness”.

Lyrical Breakdown:

“Born and raised y’all affiliated.”  This line conjures an image of a player who was drafted by the team he's now playing with in the big leagues. They invested in him, and he made his way through all their affiliates in the minors. He's not floating out there without a home or direction. He's not unaffiliated. There's power in that statement. 

“This is really greatness. Riding around like I really made it.” Now, this player who grinded his way through the Minors has finally made it to the Majors. Maybe that player sees the fans around town. They know him. They admire and appreciate him. He shows how much he cares about them. As it was with Hussle, and all of the people moved, inspired and uplifted by the entrepreneur, rapper and activist.




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