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Lifer: A Baseball Fan Lifestyle Guide

Lifer: A Baseball Fan Lifestyle Guide-- Holiday Edition


Welcome back Baseball Lifers to the eighth edition of Lifer by All Heels on Deck! This issue is yet another special edition just in time for the holidays! That’s right, in this edition of Lifer we’ll be focusing on the other “Greatest Time of Year” with exclusive personal features from our team, and even some gift ideas for the other Baseball Lifers in your life, (or for you to treat yourself). As our holiday gift to you, this special edition isn’t just a subscriber exclusive, but available to all readers of All Heels on Deck to enjoy!


What does the Baseball Lifer have on their Christmas wish list? The jersey of the newest addition to your favorite team? A beanie to rep your team on the coldest days? Maybe even a new glove to prep you for the upcoming 2019 season. For Karen Soutar, visiting all 30 ballparks is at the top of her Christmas list. This year, she’ll be able to check yet another ballpark off her list thanks to the perfect holiday gift from her husband!


‘Tis the Season of Giving. The baseball fan lifestyle doesn’t stop during this season, so why not add some items to your wish list in keeping with that lifestyle? I was scrolling through social media not too long ago, and discovered The Gameday Chic, a brand dedicated to gameday lifestyle tees and accessories. Baseball is one of the sports currently featured, and this time of year, merchandise on the site is combining the holidays with the sport we love.


Us baseball "Lifers" try to incorporate baseball in many areas of our lives. Holiday celebrations are no exception. Maybe you hang a Yankee ornament on your tree, or wear an Astros ugly Christmas sweater to your office party. No matter what you’re celebrating this season, you can’t help but add that little touch of baseball…or maybe you add a BIG touch of baseball. Baseball Lifers Helen Silfin and Victoria Edel give you a glimpse of what Hanukah and Christmas (respectively) are like in their homes.


So, join us as we do life the baseball fan way! You don’t want to miss this special edition of Lifer!


~RoseAnn Sapia

'Lifer' Editor



A Very Baseball Christmas

By Karen Soutar


What do you get for the baseball fanatic on your holiday shopping list?  The person who is more interested in life experiences than “stuff”?


How about a trip to see their favourite team on the road? Thanks to the generosity of my husband, that was my (early) Christmas gift this year.


A bit of background information: one of my bucket list items is to see a game in all 30 MLB parks, preferably when my Toronto Blue Jays are playing there. In May 2019, the Jays visit San Francisco to play the Giants at AT&T Park, and I will be at both games cheering them on. It will be the 10th park that I cross off the bucket list!



The ballpark itself looks beautiful, set against the back drop of San Francisco Bay. Any time I visit a new place, I always try to see something different and unique that I’ve never seen before, so I’ll be sure to do a bit of sight-seeing as well.


What a wonderful way to combine the magic of Christmas and the excitement of baseball!


Happy holidays everyone!



A Baseball Lifer’s Wish List

By: RoseAnn Sapia


A Giants beanie. A Brandon Crawford jersey. An AT&T Park throw. All of these things have been given to me these last few Christmases because they have to do with something I love. I’m always looking for cute baseball related merch, and The Gameday Chic has a lot of unique items to choose from. A little lesser known brand, I thought I’d highlight a few “Baseball Christmas” items from the site Baseball Lifers are sure to love.




Do you know someone who’s favorite season is baseball season? Maybe that’s you. The Gameday Chic sells sweatshirts, long sleeved tees, throw pillows, and beanies that read “Baseball Is My Favorite Season”, the perfect gift for baseball fans.




When you’re making your Christmas list, what’s one thing you ask for? If it’s for baseball season to start, The Gameday Chic has you covered. The brand sells sweatshirts, long sleeved tees, mugs, throw pillows, and ornaments with the phrase “All I Want For Christmas Is For Baseball Season To Start”.




What do Santa Claus and Babe Ruth have in common? They both have nicknames, and play a huge role in history. The two people that Christmas loving baseball fans hold in high esteem can now be flaunted together. “Santa Claus, St. Nick, Babe Ruth, Great Bambino” throw pillows, T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and of course baseball caps can all be found on The Gameday Chic site.




Joy, Love, Peace, Baseball, and Christmas. What more could one ask for? T-shirts, ornaments, and hoodies that list all of these wonderful things are available via The Gameday Chic.




And finally, the “Baseball Christmas Things” tee and beanie are perfect for the Baseball Lifer that loves graphics. Images of a present, Christmas tree, and baseball are front and center.


All apparel is unisex, and most are sized from XS to 3XL. Prices of these featured items range from $15 to $42. More details about these items, including sizes and prices, can be found on The Gameday Chic website.




The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

By Helen Silfin


More often than not, I find myself singing “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” not during the holidays, but when pitchers and catchers report or on Opening Day. I love the holiday season, and I love baseball season, and maybe the only bad thing about either season is that they don’t overlap. Even though there has yet to be a baseball game flashing on TV in the background while my family lights our Hanukkah menorahs, the sport still always seems to find a way into the holiday celebrations.


The stereotypical image of a Hanukkah celebration involves a family standing over a single menorah and lighting the candles. While picturesque, this was never the scene in my house. We have always had many menorahs living on our dining room table throughout the holiday - tall, short, fancy, homemade, you name it and we had it. So when I found myself standing in the store trying pick out only a single menorah for my apartment, I had to decide which menorah I wanted in my image. Immediately a baseball-themed one caught my eye - it reminded me of the sports-themed one we had when I was a kid, but it was better Helen Menorahbecause it was only baseball. Now, baseball will be with me for every night of Hanukkah for years to come.


Baseball has also been with me during the holidays through some of my favorite gifts - both given and received. One of the best gifts that I have ever given was a Jerry Grote autographed picture I got for my dad. I also loved giving my brother some of his favorite candy hidden inside a Yankees beanie. For a few years, one of my own Hanukkah presents would always be a subscription to Every Secret Santa gift I got in high school involved something Mets-related, whether it was a blanket or autographed picture or unfortunate-looking Mr. Met stuffed animal. No matter the time of year, baseball is an easy default for me or any member of my family because we all love it.


Helen GB
Helen GB


From decorating gingerbread trains with the Red Sox logo (and said train taking them all the way to the World Series), to spending New Year’s Day at Citi Field (for a sport that is actually played during the holiday season), baseball is always an important part of the holiday season, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Christmas With The Mets

By: Victoria Edel


It’s not Christmas without candy canes, gingerbread cookies, Mariah Carey, and the New York Mets. Yeah, OK, technically baseball is a summer sport — in fact, it’s the only of the four major American sports that doesn’t play at Christmas. But don’t tell that to all my Mets Christmas paraphernalia.


The Mets are easy to love at Christmas. The bad stuff — the drudgery of a 1-0 loss after a Jacob DeGrom start — is so far away. Instead I can think about things like my favorite players, my hopes for next year, and the joy the team brings me after a 1-0 win after a Jacob DeGrom start. It’s the season of giving, and I’m giving the Mets the benefit of the doubt.


I’ve also given and received so much Mets stuff during the holidays. My David Wright jersey was a Christmas gift way back in 2005. Last year I got a bright orange All Star cap from my mom. I just bought my friend a new hat for Hanukkah.


And then there’s the actual Mets Christmas stuff. Which I will now list, with photos.




I was not yet born when this Mets 1986 World Series Champion ornament was purchased, but I did used to fight my brothers every year over who got to hang it on the tree. I assume I lost most of the fights, but now my brothers are incredibly lazy during Christmas decorating, so it’s almost always me who gets the honor now.




In my mind, this Mets jersey ornament is a David Wright jersey, though there is no name on the back. I think my mom picked it up at a discount store — the box we store it in says she paid $4. I would’ve paid at least $10.




My brother bought my mom this teeny little Mets snowman ornament when he was in high school. The relation between the snowman and the Mets is unclear, but he’s cute!




This Mr. Met ornament is absolutely adorable. I like that he’s based on a more vintage Mr. Met styling. He has a real youthful joie de vivre. I got this as a gift maybe two years ago, and he is very beloved. Something that annoys me about the Mets is that they brought back Mrs. Met but don’t actually have that much Mrs. Met merch. If the Mets merch gods are reading this, please make me a Mrs. Met ornament.




A fun fact about me is that I am obsessed with nutcrackers. I have around 20. So, when I found this Mets one last year, I bought it without a second thought. It’s bizarre that he’s not a baseball player or umpire or something — he’s just a regular soldier who’s inexplicably in orange and blue. I do not hold this against him.




I bought this David Wright Mets Christmas sweatshirt the first time they sold them. As an established David Wright stan, this is deeply beloved to me, even though it’s a little too small and I’m considering getting a new one in two sizes larger so I can dress as a Mets-themed Ariana Grande.




This is, perhaps, the most loved of these Christmas items, my Mets Santa hat. I found it at 7/11 in 2006 and asked my dad to buy
it for me. He said yes. Last year I couldn’t find it, but when I sat down to write this list, I had a vision of where it might be. It was there. Anyway, they make these for every team, I think, but the Mets one is the best, because it’s the best and it is mine. Also, one time I wore it to watch noted Mets fan Adam Pally do improv and he picked me out of the audience for a bit, so it’s definitely lucky.


Thank you to all of you who have read our baseball fan lifestyle guide since it began this summer! This is the final edition before our month-long winter break, and we look forward to bringing you more in 2019.

Happy Holidays teammates!

Jessica Quiroli

All Heels on Deck Editor in Chief



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