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Lifer: Done The Baseball Way- Off-Season Survival Guide

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Welcome back Baseball Lifers to the seventh installment of Lifer by All Heels on Deck! It’s hard to believe this is already our seventh issue of Lifer. We’ve gotten you through the Dog Days, Christmas in July, and the Postseason. Now, our Lifer team is here to get you through this time without baseball. Our writers have put together an exclusive “Off-Season Survival Guide” packed with everything you need to keep you sane until Spring Training begins!

Before we get into it, I just want to make everyone aware of some logistical details regarding the column. Lifer content will now only be available to our subscribing teammates, and will link with Patreon. Not a subscriber? No worries, certain items from every edition of the column will still run on the All Heels on Deck blog site, so you’ll still be able to get some fill of Lifer.

With that, let’s take a glimpse at our Off-Season Survival Guide! How do you spend the time between the World Series and Spring Training? Do you watch classic games of your favorite team? Tune in to MLB Network’s Hot Stove every morning? Well, starting in February 2019, you’ll have a new way to gear up for the season ahead. Our team is happy to announce that the All Heels on Deck Baseball Podcast will be here for the 2019 season, and we have the details!

Is it baseball season yet? We are officially 87 days (including today) away from the return of baseball! Lucky for us, we can turn to a commodity most of us are glued to when we’re bored to fill the gap. Yes, I’m talking about our cell phones and tablets. Do you prefer playing games on your phone? Are you more interested in keeping up with the stars of tomorrow? How about the personalities of today’s game? There’s an app out there for every baseball fan, and we’ll be featuring a few of them.

If all of that doesn’t pique your interest, All Heels on Deck creator Jessica Quiroli will be making her Lifer debut with a special contribution to our Survival Guide.

So, join us as we do life the baseball fan way! You don’t want to miss this special edition of Lifer!

~RoseAnn Sapia




All Heels on Deck: The Podcast

By: RoseAnn Sapia


It’s official, All Heels on Deck is getting a podcast! Actually, it’s more than just a podcast.

Coming your way in February 2019, the All Heels on Deck podcast will be operated as a network of podcasts, with each “show” bringing something unique to the platform.

Our goal is to interact with baseball fans everywhere, and bring you all fresh baseball content every episode.

We’re still working out all the specifics, but the All Heels on Deck podcast will feature analysis, discussion, and will allow all of us here to further connect with you! And, we already have an incredible graphic created by Devon Howard.




While All Heels on Deck founder Jessica Quiroli won’t be hosting the podcast, I am so happy to announce that I will be the main regular host for the podcast. I’m really looking forward to having yet another platform to interact with all of our readers and everyone around baseball. We're looking into ways of making my segments as interactive as possible, so stay tuned for more info leading up to the launch.

We can’t give too many details away just yet, but know that you’ll have yet another way to engage with the sport we love. There’ll be fresh and new takes on topics all around baseball, and this'll be another extension of the mission here at All Heels on Deck.

Trust me, the All Heels on Deck podcast will be worth the wait!





An App A Day Keeps The Baseball Blues Away!

By: RoseAnn Sapia





 1. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018

Perhaps my favorite way to pass time even during baseball season is playing Tap Sports Baseball. Officially licensed by the MLBPA, in this game you get to choose your favorite team and play your favorite game! You’ll start out with a handful of players from your selected team, along with others from all throughout baseball. It’s as easy as tapping your screen to hit the ball. Win or purchase draft picks to improve your team, win games, and advance up the rankings. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of opening a draft pick to see it’s your favorite player! This game is available free to download in the App Store and Google Play.

2.MiLB First Pitch App

Believe it or not, I just discovered this app during the summer. The official app of Minor League Baseball, First Pitch keeps you up to date on all 160 minor league affiliates from Rookie ball to Triple-A. This is the perfect way to catchup on who’s been flashing leather or slugging away down on the farm now that you have time. This app will definitely keep you informed by giving you a look at who we can expect to see in The Show in the near future. It’s just as useful during the season as it is during the Off-Season. This app is available free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

3. Infield Chatter

This is basically the official app of the MLBPA, and I just recently downloaded. I’ve been following @InfieldChatter on Twitter for some time, and loved that it really gave a voice to the players. The best way to describe this is a social network dedicated to baseball and its players. It was created in 2016 at the request of the players who wanted a more meaningful way to engage the fans. Your feed will be all baseball all the time, and will allow you to catchup on the latest happenings around the league without any added distractions. All you need is an email address to sign up. The app if free to download from both the App Store and Google Play.

4. Sports Trivia Apps

Just type “Sports Trivia” or “Baseball Player Trivia” into the App Store or Google Play, and you’ll be surprised by just how many trivia apps are out there geared to sports fans. There’s no better way to pass empty time than by enhancing your knowledge of the things you love. Diamond Sports Trivia has some of the best reviews, and allows you to choose from several different sports trivia decks. Other apps feature team logo quizzes and name the player games, so you can see just how well you know the game you love. There’s no better time to brush up on trivia than during the Off-Season, and most of the apps are free to download.  

5. Twitter/Instagram

And finally, social media had to make this list. Most people spend their down time scrolling through their social media feeds or watching stories, so why not fill those feeds with baseball players? Keep up with what’s happening down on Johnny Cueto’s ranch (he goes live on Instagram A LOT), and stay up to date on Trevor Bauer’s latest opinions (super active on Twitter). It’s also a great way to catchup on the sights from MLB’s Japan All-Star Series that just wrapped up last week, (Rhys Hoskins has been great at documenting that).





Shop Your Off-Season Blues Away!

By Jessica Quiroli

  1. The start of the off-season is marked by A LOT of mentions of that Rogers Hornsby quote. Oh, you know the one. About the window? Well, now you can hang it in your home. As you stare out the window. Waiting... (On Amazon, Prime eligible)



  1. Maybe you want to let your neighbors know how hard the winter is for a baseball fan. For $4 you "can." With a "tin" (get it?) sign featuring the baseball loving Peanuts gang. (On Stylin Online)


  1. ...need more baseball AND the Peanuts gang? Cafe Press has you covered. Get a mug, fill it with your drink of choice, and think about fresh grass, bat, ball, and glove. You can find that here.


  1. Finally, maybe you actually want to do something to deal with no baseball being played. If you're able to take a drive, or perhaps you're further and want to take a big plane ride, head to Cooperstown in January. You can customize your tour experience through February. The new program promises to "connect fans with their favorite team and memories”. (Check site for pricing of package). Also, for some beautiful, fascinating history, head to the HOF as they celebrate Martin Luther King Day. (January 21st, starting at 9 am). 


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