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Three Fastballs to...Tampa Bay Rays Mac James

Three Fastballs: Mac James

After driving back from Durham, Tampa Bay Rays prospect Mac James took some time to field some fastballs from All Heels on Deck. Here's what he told us about the tough moments in his career, persistence and his wonderful wife, Emily. 

The catcher is coming off a championship win with the Triple-A Durham Bulls. 


Most Challenging Career Moment: I don’t think I can narrow it down to one challenging moment, but I would say just the grind of everyday trying to perform in order to play the next day. That and having a lot of my good friends released. Those days are always hard.   

Most Influential Coach/Advice: I would say our catching coordinator, Paul Hoover, just preaching the attention to detail about every single thing and persistence

On A Personal Note....  When asked about what makes his wife the best"My wife’s best trait is her unselfishness and willingness to support my dream constantly. She is the most selfless person I know."

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