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They've Got Glove: Netflix-- 'Hey Arnold' Episode 'The Vacant Lot'

By Cara Cooper

The titular character on Nickelodeon’s classic cartoon “Hey Arnold” may have had a football shaped head, but Arnold and all of his fourth grade buddies were baseball junkies through and through.

"The Vacant Lot” was the seventh episode of season one, which premiered in 1996. Even though it was for kids, the episode is a great way to relive childhood days of playing baseball wherever there was enough space to swing a bat.

The episode starts with Arnold and his friends struggling to find a place to play baseball, with no real diamonds in the city where they live. After busting out too many car windshields and hitting too many traffic lights, the players all feel like their baseball efforts are futile. That’s until Arnold and his best friend Gerald run across a vacant lot between two buildings. Even though the lot is filled with trash, like any good baseball architect, Arnold sees the locations' potential.

Just a few days later, the once burying ground for old appliances is now a beautiful diamond complete with hubcaps as bases, and an old barrel as the pitcher’s mound. It’s a fourth grader’s field of dreams in the middle of downtown.

But, like anything else in the world, their dreamland is ruined when the adults decide to take over the newly renovated space. No worries though, Arnold and his band of brothers (plus Helga in all her unibrow awesomeness) get the last laugh, and eventually everyone sees the lot for the diamond it deserves to be.

Anyone looking for some great nostalgia can’t go wrong watching this classic cartoon episode. It’s proof that baseball may be a kid’s game, but players young and old can get caught up anytime a game is going on.

Episodes of Hey Arnold can be watched on Nickelodeon’s website: www.nick.com/hey-arnold/episodes/

Cara Cooper is a journalist from Virginia. You can follow her on Twitter @caramariecooper



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